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How can I truly take care of my Mind, Body and Spirit?

Everyone mistakenly thinks meditation is just for the mind. While it does directly impact the mind, a truly great meditation method will give one the blueprint for how to actually live truly. That is precisely what this method does as the ultimate, all-in-one method.

The Mind

This goes without saying. There is countless research conducted on the benefits of meditation for the mind. A reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, and an increase in happiness, joy and fulfilment are common symptoms of a meditation method that works. This method provides all those benefits and more for the mind, and it is not only about a reduction in stress or a way for managing it and dealing with, but to actually ELIMINATE IT entirely. Totally unique.

This meditation method is about discarding your false self (false mind) and become the true self (true mind). Your false self is the limited, finite being you look in the mirror and see. Your true self is the unlimited, infinite being that exists all around in every shape, being, earth and sky. Which would you prefer to be?

When you discard your false self and the false mind contained within, you are free from the burdens of countless thoughts. These 10,000’s of thoughts are the cause and the effect of all the stress, anxiety, depression, and negativity in your life. When you take responsibility, and truly learn to discard those minds, you will be free from those thoughts. You will live a humanly life, but not be in it. You will have ore focus, more clarity, more happiness, more joy, be able to succeed, know the ways of the world, and have improved relationships with everyone and everything. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Body

People go to yoga to take care of their body, exercise, go to the gym, or even just work. This method has all of that - a special release exercise developed by the founder of the meditation which targets every part of the body to get blood flowing throughout. Unlike any other meditation method, there is also an action meditation component where we learn to move our body and meditate – which is the true way to meditate. Just sitting and meditating and finding peace with your eyes closed and no one is around – what’s the point of that when you must go live in the world? Yes, you will also find that peace within you as you meditate and close your eyes, but the true benefit is to be able to have it with you everywhere you go and in everything you do.

We also self-balancing food. Once again, this food was developed by the founder of this meditation and is absolutely perfect for the body. It targets the major and minor organs and has all the vegetables and grains your body needs to keep your body constantly cleansed – like a well-oiled machine. With a vegetable-based diet, and your body become in tune with exactly what you put into it, you naturally become your own authority about what is good for you and your body. You have that wisdom. This is totally unique to any other meditation method.

Exercise and food is all taken care of here with this method, and when you clear your mind, your blood also flows better throughout the body – yet another benefit for the body. Learn to move and eat and have a clean body with this all-in-one meditation method. Learn more about the importance of moving the body and meditation here.

The Spirit

Humans are social animals. We thrive on connections and community. Depression and loneliness are symptoms of a diseased mind disconnected from others. This is not the way to live. With this method, you have a full-time helper who is always there to listen and support and be a coach, a guide, a helper in your journey to finding your true self. You also have a network of support from a community of meditators who are open minded and happy to see you progress and are more than willing to help you in your journey. There are very few places where can get that type of community, and once you find it, it is something to cherish and hold on to as you can make eternal bonds.

This next point on Spirit is about what people consider as their “soul”. This is a contentious issue, particularly with those who consider themselves “spiritual”. If you die thinking that you, your false individual self is separate from the Universe, and thinking you have a soul, you will die and disappear forever. At best you will be reincarnated, but not as that consciousness. The idea of dying, and leaving it all to the next life, unfortunately is misplaced. This is your one and only chance. You must be reborn as that Universe, and become one with it, in order to live forever - you must find heaven within in now with your one life. If you believe you have a soul, it’s because you have read it in a book somewhere or have learnt about it. It requires a particular faith to actually believe that, and if you hold it too closely, you will disagree with this point. However, when you are one who has had the above belief and have actually discarded your false self and your false minds, you yourself will know the truth of the above statement without anyone needing to tell you or teach you. Your true self will know, but only when your false self has disappeared and let go of your old ways of thinking.

This also, the method helps with.

An All-in-One Method

This method is an all-in-one meditation method. It’s just not just about eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression. Your entire mind, body and spirit will be supplemented and renewed. This is a method for all people, and while you may have your exercises and your diets and your communities, you will come to find that as you start to practice this method you will make even better decisions based on your own internal wisdom, which you have within you. It will only serve to strengthen your existing communities, diets and exercises. You will have a healthier mind, a healthier body, and a more connected spirit. It is a truly all in one method, and if you really want to go deep, this is one of the best methods out there.

So if you're looking for an all-in-one, complete method which will renew your mind, body and spirit, why not book a free introduction and see what it's all about? Give yourself a year, and your life will be turned around completely.

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