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Mumbi Wills

Laywer, Mum of Two Young Kids


"The method is so simple. It's almost unbelievably simple- easy to follow, easy to do. But it works, above all, it works!

Because I thought to myself, “well, it doesn't matter what anyone says whether it would work, or you should do this, you should do that - if it doesn't work, then it's useless.” But, this truly works!

It's been three years, I’m a completely different person from three years ago. And children also find it easy. It’s that simple.  When I first explained it to my children, they were just like, “yeah”, they got it. I was quite surprised that they got it really quick. I thought, “oh, it must be really simple” and makes sense to even a child."

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Steven Trpenov

Architect, Investor

"Basically the reason why I started this meditation was looking for the meaning of life. I've had periods in my life where I had a glimpse of something more - that there was something more in this world than just the suffering that was going on in my mind.

The suffering in my mind that had just built up year, after year, getting worse and worse - to the point where I was overflowing with suffering, anxiety, negativity and resentment. I really tried to find what the meaning of life was, what was the point of living like this?

Actually genuinely being able to find that meaning! The Universe within, that God within, Buddha within, Allah within, that everybody has been searching for - I’m really just wanting everybody in the whole world to also find that within them."

Meditation for Men

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Catherine Merritt

Mum of Two Young Kids


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"I've been doing other forms of therapy for years. Things like psychology, taking medications doing other meditations, various religions, churches and mindfulness. I was coming out of a particularly challenging period of my life when I found this meditation. At the time, I was begging a higher power, God or Universe "please teach me how to pray, tell me how to pray!"


It's like a miracle I found this meditation walking through a farmers market in Fremantle. At the time I was like "what have I got to lose I've tried everything else. So, why not give this a go?"


I had a choice I could be depressed and anxious or I could meditate - I chose to meditate. I was able to let go and discard all the thoughts and pictures that were constantly whirling in my mind. I was able to see the stress and the worry that I had created in my own mind bit by bit, layer by layer I found true peace and liberation for the first time in my life.


I'm so much more productive and focused, I take action, I no longer seek validations from others or external means. I'm far more aware. Experience more peace. I'm just so grateful for this method and this life! And for the first time this happened - truly live in the present moment, full of joy and happiness."

Richard Bandyle

Retired, Widowed

"I'm now very happy, positive and fulfilled and have overcome my grief, anxiety and anger. I am also now managing all the pain from my neck injuries a lot easier.​

I'm very grateful for finding this meditation and I encourage people to stick with the method, because it takes time and it definitely works."

Meditation for Grown Men
Meditation for Women

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Alice Farra


"At first I thought it was just for relaxing the mind. To my surprise I found that this meditation is much more. It involves discarding the mind of false Illusions, false thoughts, false images that are stored there as one would store a lot of useless information onto the computer. These thoughts and images ensnared me and kept me in the past.

Throughout my life, I did suffer complex traumas and severe anxieties. After doing this meditation, I feel a lot freer and a lot calmer. Most of my anxieties have disappeared. I'm intending to go on clearing myself of my habits and false illusionary thoughts and images.

The method is very easy to follow. Quite simple. After the first few weeks I started feeling the benefits of this meditation. I did do a variety of therapies. They were quite helpful, but helped me resolve some problems, but I never actually got to the roots of the problem to discard them. So, in many ways, it’s still kept me captive to my past.

I don't feel that I'm run by my thoughts.I'm a lot more at peace and calmer in myself. I don't judge people because I know that

they’re operating from their own picture mind world, which is also an illusion.

I would definitely recommend for people to try this meditation.

Because people can read about it, talk about it, and until you experience it for yourself it's hard to realize how amazing this method is. Whereas, when you just talk about it or read about it.

It remains an ‘intellectual concept’. This concept has to be applied."


Are you ready to give your happiness a try?