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Laywer, Mum of Two Young Kids

"The method is so simple. It's almost unbelievably simple- easy to follow, easy to do. But it works, above all, it works!"

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Architect, Investor

"Basically the reason why I started this meditation was looking for the meaning of life. I've had periods in my life where I had a glimpse of something more - that there was something more in this world than just the suffering that was going on in my mind."

Meditation for Men

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Mum of Two Young Kids

"I've been doing other forms of therapy for years. Things like psychology, taking medications doing other meditations, various religions, churches and mindfulness. I was coming out of a particularly challenging period of my life when I found this meditation. At the time, I was begging a higher power, God or Universe "please teach me how to pray, tell me how to pray!"

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Richard Bandyle

Retired, Widowed

"I'm now very happy, positive and fulfilled and have overcome my grief, anxiety and anger. I am also now managing all the pain from my neck injuries a lot easier.​"

Meditation for Grown Men
Meditation for Women

Alice Farra


"At first I thought it was just for relaxing the mind. To my surprise I found that this meditation is much more. It involves discarding the mind of false Illusions, false thoughts, false images that are stored there as one would store a lot of useless information onto the computer. These thoughts and images ensnared me and kept me in the past."

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Are you ready to give your happiness a try?

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