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Why is moving the body important for meditation? Why does enlightenment need more than sitting?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Most people have the misconception that all meditation is, is about sitting in silence and focusing on your breathe or your thoughts. While there are some forms of meditation that follow that process, this meditation is for the regular, every day person to live life. After all, if you become the master of your mind sitting in silence in a cave separated from the world, what good are you to the world? Can you hold that consistency of mind in a world full of turmoil, opinions, and other people?

This meditation is for regular, every day people to help them just live

This is really the crux of what this meditation is about. We are not here to criticize other methods – to each their own. What we are here to do is bring life to the world; to live. This meditation is about discarding the self-made mind world that overlaps the world, which is the life lived, habits, and body. If you throw away the self and the incomplete world, which is the life lived, habits, and body, and go to the world of Truth that exists, and are reborn from there, that land is the existent world of Truth.

The way to do this is not to simply sit for countless hours in the hope that the false self inside the mind magically disappears and changes to the Truth. You must move your body; you must take action. And you might be wondering why that is? So, let’s break it down.

Discarding your life lived:

This part is easy. Through this method, you reflect on the life you have lived, and by following the scientifically systematic method, you will begin to feel lighter, clearer, happier, calmer, and more full of life. But this is only the first step. To see how I have lived, and to understand naturally through discarding, why that self in my mind is a wrongful existence. When you see things from the perspective of the universe, your true self, it’s impossible not to see how that self is the source of all the problems in your life.

The scientifically systematic 7 step method

All you need to do is follow the method here. The step-by-step method, along with the helpers is designed to guide you through that process as quickly as possible so you can get to the roots of your mind. But as you move your body and start to live in the world, you ought to keep discarding the contents of your mind as you move about your day-to-day life. This is also fuel for your meditation practice as you begin to reflect on yourself each day, you’ll understand that how you are now, is an accumulation of all that you thought you were – and you are in fact totally enslaved to that. You must empty it completely so that Truth may fill it and you begin to have realizations – this is what enlightenment is.

Discarding your habits:

Habits are the roots of your mind. This is the mind you’ve inherited from your parents and your ancestors. Just think about it logically, your body physically resembles your ancestors, of course your mind is also the very same! 1000’s of years of stored minds, and mostly negative if you reflect on how war ridden, and horrible human history is! All of this is stored in the cells of your body – every single one of them. In the same way that Dolly the sheep was cloned, everything in nature, humans included is the same. All the information is stored in the cells. So, when you experience deeply intense feelings like anxiety, stress anger, trauma, it is not just your mind from the life you have lived, it’s from all your ancestors too. So, when a deep emotion grips your body and your mind, it’s more than likely it is a deeply enrooted mind from your ancestors, one which you have built upon yourself through your own life.

The Perth Meditation Centre was built by volunteers who followed the method while they moved their body - and it's so very beautful!

This is a bit more difficult to discard, but again, we have the method here, and if you are to follow it diligently, sincerely and with gratitude, it’s impossible not to eliminate and change those deep minds for good. For many, these minds are clustered with other deep minds, so it’s important to do your best and attack them 1 by 1. Again, as you do this, you need to be doing it throughout the day whilst you are moving your body. It’s not just about sitting down and expecting the universe to do all the work for you! You must move your body!

We have action meditation here also, where if you like, you can practice this method in your day-to-day life by giving up all of your false ideas and preconceptions away.

“I don’t like to do this” – false mind.
“I’m not good at that” – false mind
“I don’t want to do anything” – false mind
“This won’t be good for me” – false mind

Why limit yourself? You’re an infinite being capable of anything you put your mind to! This is not to say that the toils of life and age give limitations that are impossible to overcome, but regardless, the mind that thinks is the one that needs to be eliminated so you can more clearly see and eliminate the roots. When you do things “you” wouldn’t normally do, it’s a process of surrendering and giving up that false self, and only then will you get closer to your True Self.

Discarding your body:

The body is the container for the false self. Each cell, thoroughly poisoned with that false self. This means that as you move and take action, and discard various parts of your body, you begin to become aware of minds that are trapped in that part. Again, with some examples of the minds people can experience.

“I don’t like to do this” – false mind.
“I’m not good at that” – false mind
“I don’t want to do anything” – false mind
“This won’t be good for me” – false mind
“I’m too lazy to do that” – false mind
“I’d prefer not to do it makes me feel uncomfortable” - false mind

Steven is dicarding is social anxiety by facing people and doing the action meditation method, which he claims has been the most effective method he's ever experienced

When you move your body, and for example discard “your legs” you will see the minds stored there, and that laziness disappears. When you discard “your mind” as you do things you think you don’t like, you’ll come to find joy and gratitude in all the little things. When you discard “your heart” as you do things which make you feel uncomfortable in that region, you become free from that and your heart will find peace.

You are the Universe, and the Universe is you. But not while your false self exists. While your false exists as a false illusion, it overlaps the Universe, your True Self. If you carry these thoughts, it is full of pain, burden stress and doubts. If you were to die, you would simply die and disappear as you have not become one with that Universe whilst alive – that’s the only way to live forever.

As you move your body and take action and discard relentlessly, these thoughts which consume your body eventually subside, and you change. Blockages in your body disappear, blood flows better, and your entire body operates as it should, and your face naturally brightens up and you will naturally live longer!

The profoundness of this:

And this is the magic. This is the real magic that no amount of words can ever express; it’s something only YOU can find and see for yourself. As you start to do all of this, as your false body and mind are relentlessly discarded, your entire body and mind become clearer, lighter, happier, calmer and more full of Truth. This is to hear the voice of God / Truth / Universe / Allaha / Buddha! And as your body and mind are filled with Truth, it’s the Universe itself, as you become One with it, which guides your every action.

“What should I do about this?” – ask and you will find the answer at the right time.
“Which direction should I go in my career?” ask and you will find the answer at the right time.
“I don’t know how to fix this problem, who can help?” – ask and you will find the answer at the right time.

You - YOUR TRUE SELF - will know the answer from within. You will know which Doctor is telling you what you need to know. You will know which person is telling you what you need to hear. You will recognize the right words in the right book at the right time.

But YOU must do the work. You must discard your false self. No one can do it for you. It’s your choice, but know this - it’s the only way to truly become totally at One with the Body and Mind of the Universe. That doesn’t mean other things won’t help you on your journey - it’s exactly the opposite - but you have to have wisdom to recognise what you need and when you need it. So, what could be better than that? What could be better than having all your stress, pain, burden and doubts disappear? What could be better than living with happiness, joy and calmness? What could be better than living forever as the eternally living and undying existence?

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. So, I ask you - won’t you drink the water?

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