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Who Am I?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I recently asked this question in a group. All responses pointed to the individual person having a creator, someone higher than them. I suspect then, that we all equate who we are to something bigger than we are. As in, we couldn't answer that question, without acknowledging a source, where we have come from.

In religion for example, the higher than self has been referred to as God/Buddha/Allah/Universe and so on. I do not know a people in the wide world without a faith in a higher being. In my tribe, (the Kikuyu tribe from Kenya) our higher being is called 'Ngai' explained as 'Mumbi' - literally meaning 'the one who creates'.

From our source, we begin to take shape. Like a house, our home begins with a firm foundation.

And just like you cannot separate the house from it's foundation, you cannot separate Who You Are from your source.

In the Bible, it says God lives within you, the Kingdom of God is within you, in the Quran, it says Allah is within you, paradise is within you, and in the Buddhist Sutras, it says Buddha is within you the land of bliss is within you. Many other sacred books make similar references.

By now you can see the pattern, we refer to the same source, that dwells within us. To know who we are, we inevitably have to know the source that conveniently lives within each one of us.

No matter where you from, the book you depend on for nourishment and identity, the language you use to interpret that book you read, It seems the source, God, creator is conveniently within you.

Doesn't this conclusion make absolute sense? That the identity you are looking for by asking "Who Am I" is right inside you? That no matter how limited your resources are, you can access yourself? That the one higher than you who puts a foundation to WHO YOU ARE are is within you? that YOU CANT MISS YOU?

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