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How to deal with anxiety – the best anxiety relief

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Anxiety is a condition many people will experience within their lifetime. In a survey titled “National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results 2007 (2008)” conducted by the Australia Beaurea of Statistics, It was found that one out of every 4 Australians aged between 16 – 85 will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime. That’s 4.96 million Australians!

Anxiety means that one becomes anxious when one can’t deal with their own mind.

The mind just automatically generates thoughts and feelings (what we refer to as “pictures”) based on the life one has lived. In other words, if one has lived an anxious life in the past, one will continue to live an anxious life in the present and also in the future.

This is really bad news for anyone who suffers from any form of anxiety – it almost seems hopeless. Currently, some methods for dealing with anxiety include medication and talking to people. However, medication doesn’t deal with the root of the anxiety, it simply masks it over and nullifies the feelings of anxiety, which carries with it a variety of side effects as well as an unhealthy dependency on medication. Talking about it another solution, and this one is probably a healthier alternative, as talking about it is an act of releasing it from the mind. Beyond Blue and Lifeline are 2 examples of fantastic organisations which offer this service to Australians.

So there’s masking it with medication, and releasing it with communication. But sometimes there’s not always someone willing to listen – so is there another solution that I can master on my own? Thankfully, this is where meditation comes in!

This meditation method has been designed to systematically eliminate the false human mind. The mind, which automatically takes pictures and self generates them, can be eliminated completely. This means anxiety can also be eliminated completely!

If you were discard from your mind the life you have lived, as well as the habits you inherited from your ancestors as well as your body, you will achieve completion. When you eliminate that human mind and you’re born again with the mind of the world, then there is no more anxiety. Isn't it time you completely freed yourself?

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