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How to have gratitude and 4 simple tips for a more grateful mind.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Are you a negative thinker? Are you a sceptic? Are you a glass half full type of person? Are you full of complaints? Do you find it hard to appreciate anything?

Do you know that this way of thinking is, quite literally, killing you? I wish in saying that I didn’t mean literally, but I do mean literally. When you live with the false, negative human mind, you are quite literally living a non-existent and dead life inside of your self-made picture world. This is death itself, and as dark as it may sound, it is in fact true.

However, there’s no need for doom and gloom! Do you *really* want to live with a mind like that anyway? Nobody does, but we just automatically do. We absorb it from our environment, from the media, from friends, from family – from everything in society. From the ground up, we’ve lived this way. It creates division, separation, fighting, racism, and wars. Death leads to death.

In our quest for the glory of our individual self, we’ve lost our gratitude. But to be grateful is such a wonderful way of being, so why aren’t we just living with gratitude to everything and everyone around us? Well, it’s not so easy. This is quite often because we have so much negativity in our mind, and there’s no space for gratitude to dwell.

And this is not all just some "spiritual mumbo jumbo", there is evidence to back up the claims that gratitutude leads to a more happy life from some of the top scientists in the world, including Harvard. So let’s cut to the chase. Here are 4 simple tips that you can start to implement today for having a more grateful mind.

1) Wake up each morning with gratitude in your heart.

Have some reminders in your room where you wake up, or on your mirror in your bathroom so it immediately starts to build a habit of gratitude.

2) Keep a diary and write grateful thoughts in it throughout the day.

Just the little things! It doesn’t need to be so grandiose every day. If you really enjoyed that donut, then express it, tell the universe how grateful you were to be there at that time and place to have enjoyed that donut.

3) Go to bed with gratitude in your heart.

The gratitude diary is great here – you don’t have to spend a long time writing, just a couple of minutes to express gratitude again to the universe by writing it out and feeling it. Don’t fake the feeling, but really try.

4) Get rid of the negative mind that’s full of complaints and false delusions.

If you have a swimming pool, overflowing with rotting and filthy water, you can put a hose in there and try and flush it out, but this is going to take such a long time, and the water will forever be diluted with the filth. When you empty the contents of the pool, and then fill it up with clean water, it may take a little longer to begin with, but eventually you will have pristine and pure water!

Blake Guss is a meditation instructor from Teaneck Meditation in New Jersey, USA and in his youtube channel he breaks it down perfectly. I strongly recommend watching the following YouTube video:

1, 2, and 3 you can start right now on your own. But 4? If you want 4, come to us - we have the method to clear away that negative mind. Every Tuesday and Saturday you can join our free guided meditation where we’ll show you precisely how to clear that negative mind. There, you will find nothing but life!

Don’t be dead! Just live! Live with a mind that is alive with gratitude and blessings. Why would you spend another day with that mind when you can change it to the everlasting, grateful and true mind?

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