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What's it like to meditate? Is meditation for me?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The following is a testimonial from a student who is progressing through the meditation:

"I am so very grateful for this method of being able to throw away the past and make room in my cluttered head

When I came to the meditation my mind was always racing, full of negative thoughts. Life seemed to be in such a rush. There were too many things to do all the time. I was always anxious about the things that needed to be done and felt that they needed to be done "Now". The ever changing fast paced world was leaving me behind no matter how hard I tried to keep up with it.

I've had so many negative thoughts about other people as well, and yet this is not the person I want to be. It seemed every little thing, every action someone would take, frustrated and annoyed me. I knew these people where just living their lives according to the best way they knew how, and yet, I would still get angry regardless.

As I progressed through the meditation, I felt the stress and burden shift. The fog that plagued my mind seemed to lift a little. I can now step back and see more clearly what tasks I need to prioritise and what can be cut. The world is not leaving me behind, I was just responding to my own anxiety.

I now understand more clearly the stress and pain others are feeling also, even though they don't realise it. I feel I'm able to make more allowances for other people as they go through their day-to day life, because I can see they too are living according to the experiences they've had throughout their lives and they are trapped by the pictures of their past.

From time-to-time things were a little tough though. At times throughout level 1, there were periods of discomfort that made me feel the meditation wasn't working. Most of the pain felt was not clear to see and I just felt low. However, some of the painful discomfort was very clear, like the feelings of guilt over not being a good enough father to my children. The helper was there to reassure and guide me through the tough times, and by following the method of throwing away all the pictures that come to my mind into the disappearing sun, I have found the feelings of discomfort and guilt has subsided greatly as a result.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn this method of meditation. I'm confident that as I progress through the levels the quality of my life will continue to improve greatly."

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