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Why is my mind so negative?

Many people have wondered about this, and even today scientists are studying this to try and understand why the mind is so negative. However, the simple truth of the matter is, the mind is negative because it is fundamentally self-centred.

Humans are unique in that we have a consciousness that is “self-aware”. But this false snese of "self" is the very root and cause of the issue. This self-awareness has lead us away from our true self – the infinite, eternal existence that is the Universe, God, Buddha, Allah – and towards our false self – the non-existent picture of ourselves inside of our self-made mind world. As such, through the collection of countless delusions, we’ve each formed a false self, where we mistakenly think this limited body and mind are who we are. Not only is this completely wrong, but the truth is also actually so much more wonderous that it’s surprising more people aren’t consciously searching for it!

Because of this self-centred mind where “I” come first, and because it is false, humans are lead into endless turmoil within themselves. A dream within a dream. It is easy to acknowledge that once we wake up from a sleeping dream, that it was just a dream and not real. However, it’s not as easy to acknowledge that my waking self is also just a dream, a delusion. Only for one who has awakened from the dream is this an irrefutable fact.

Because of this non-existent dream, and because of the non-existent self being the centre of this non-existent dream, humans are endlessly negative. We are trying to build up this self, by taking from reality, the real existence, to fulfil this totally false existence. To see oneself from outside the dream, from the perspective of the Universe, it is quite pitiful and sorrowful. It’s no wonder humans are endlessly negative.

From within that false mind world, there is endless stress, anxiety, worries, doubts and pains. From within here, humans can truly not become Truth or know the real existence from within here, and they actually don’t know anything. Worst of all, when people die thinking they are this false existence, they simply die and disappear. When your mind is one of taking to sustain that which doesn’t exist, it becomes obvious as to why humans are endlessly negative. It’s pure logic. Go to the existent world of Truth, the real existence, and be reborn from there! When you are reborn from there, there is no more pain, burden, stress, or doubts. You can know everything! And best of all you can live forever! As your mind becomes one with that existence, and you become it, you become positive minded, as you live for others – your true self. Then there is no more negativity.

But you must eliminate that negative mind. No one can do it for you. You can’t just “add” positive minds over the top. The foundation itself is rotten to the core, so it may work for a short period of time to give you a false sense of positivity, but you’re trying to build a castle on top of a sinking swamp. It *will* sink. To become truly positive – grateful, accepting, loving and giving, able to achieve ANYTHING – then you have to get rid of the negative mind first! It’s the only way to truly accomplish this.

The only way to know this is to go to the place that actually teaches it!

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