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What is the false self and what is the True Self? And how do I become my True Self?

There has always been an idea that within us, there is a false self and a true self. Philosophers, poets, and religious ideologies have expressed this in many different ways throughout time. But no one truly knew a method or a way to become the true self.

First, you need to understand with clarity the false self and the True Self.

The false self

Put in another way, all people are living inside of their own self-made mind world - their own bubbles. To prove it, just close your eyes right now, and think about where you woke up, who you were with, and what you had for breakfast. It comes up in your mind, right? Just like that, from the moment you were born, you were taking pictures of the life you lived, and you are living inside of it thinking that is you. But it's just an accumulation of a copy of the world you yourself made with your 5 senses camera - eyes, nose, mouth, ears and body. When you have anxiety, do you want to have it? When your heart becomes tense from the anxiety do you want to have that feeling? No! Who would? But it happens because we are yolked to, and life inside that self-made mind world.

The True Self

Your true self is within you! This is what religions refer to as Heaven, Paradise and Bliss. Here, in this Land of Paradise that is within you, there is no pain, burdens, stress, anxiety, worries or doubts. There is only happiness, calmness, peace, clarity, wisdom and joy. This is your true state, your original state, but it is covered by your self-made mind world and you can not find what is right in front of you!

How to becomes my True Self?

The method to become your True Self is to simply discard the life you have lived stored in your mind, the habits you have inherited from ancestors which the mind world is built on, and the body which is the 5 senses camera. Once you eliminate all of this from your mind, the master of the world will make you reborn in that Land of Truth within you. This is the one and only way.

If there is a place that has the method - the way - to achieve this, then shouldn't you at least try? This method is that method, it's a meditation course to completely eliminate the false self and be reborn as your True Self. It has been systematically designed to guide you to that Land of Truth within you - unlimited guided meditation in person and online, 1 on 1 consultations to track your progress and ensure you are clear with the method, and a community of members who have already entered into that Land of Truth who will devote themselves to helping you get there.

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