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Sharing some beautiful stories from grateful hearts

This meditation method is about eliminating the self made picture world inside of your mind that you are living inside of. All the stress, anxiety, depression, worries, pain, burden, emotional baggage - it all comes from inside that mind world! When you simply follow the method sincerely and wholeheartedly, it's impossible to not achieve the results. Beyond discarding all of that negative rubbish, you get infinitely more than you would ever have imagined. It is like a dream come true.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful testimonials


calm mind with meditation | stress free life with meditation
Jackie is just one of our many happy members!
I want to thank Perth Meditation and Angela for showing me how to truly live my life. I am blessed with calm and joy on a daily basis. I still feel other emotions but I watch them flow straight through me. I am always truly grateful for this life I have. I now look to the present moment rather than in the future. I meditate every day and look forward to every session with such gratitude that it became available to me. This form of healing is free and can be carried out anywhere but I find the moment I walk into Perth Meditation my whole being can feel the calm and mindlessness. Thank you for this method, it is easy to follow and it works. Trust in the process as there is no real timeframe as everyone is different. Remember to trust the process and you will see and feel the incredible changes in your mind and body. Forever grateful, Jackie


Great friendly place, wonderful helpers who are always happy to guide, thank you very much


I have been doing meditation for past year and a half at Perth Meditation center. I have to say it's been an amazing journey. I am no longer having anxiety and able to make better decisions in my life. Feeling alot calmer. I would definitely recommend everyone to do meditation for their mind wellness.

Meet Angela

Angela is the Perth Meditation helper, and she's one of the most devoted and dilligent people you'll ever meet. She's been working as a helper for nearly 1/3 of her life! Why does she do this? She does it for you - to help you come out of your mind. Come and say hello to Angela and let her introduce this amazing method to you!

unlimited 1 on 1 live guided meditation | unlimited consultations
Angela is the Perth Meditation Helper who's devoted her life to serving others

You have nothing to lose, and quite literally, EVERYTHING to gain!

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