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Are you looking for TRUE happiness? You won't find it "out there"

Life is all about living. Living is all about being happy. Aren't our entire lives devoted to making ourselves happy? We try to find jobs that make us happy, food that makes us happy, partners that make us happy, houses that make us happy, cars that make us happy, entertainment that makes us happy, holidays that make us happy - all of it, is in an effort to increase our levels of happiness. No one can deny this.

But have you noticed we are often looking for happiness OUTSIDE of ourselves? We are searching for it externally. But can be found there? Can a permanent true happiness be found there? Think about it for yourself! Sure a holiday is a wonderful experience and you feel happy - but are you happy at the thought of having to end the holiday and return to work? I can't think of many people who would be happy about this, and if you are, then you are blessed to have found a job which makes you happy.

Daniel Wylie has left a beautiful review on our google, where he talks just about this:

This meditation has truly changed my life for the better. I was always looking for happiness externally but any happiness I found was very fleeting and didn’t last. Through practicing this simple method I have found true happiness inside that never disappears. I hope everyone can try this meditation and find their happiness.

Meditation is about finding that happiness within yourself. Isn't that a lot easier, and a lot more valuable than constantly trying to search for it "out there"? Why not just hear what it's all about? Book yourself a free introduction below.

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