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The impact of the pandemic on mental health and what I can do to improve my own mental health

In researching how to design our Perth Meditation website, I was trying to find what people were looking for in an effort to provide quality content for everyone. I came across an interesting website, where I spotted something that caught my attention.

“ten percent happier” is a Meditation-focused mobile app that has a variety of guided meditation classes and interviews with experts.

What an awesome sounding app, but what really struck me was the chart! I couldn’t help but notice how it seemed to relate to the early days of the pandemic. Seeming to have peaked on the 1st of May 2020 – so much fear and uncertainty in the world back then. People were looking for a solution. I’m happy to see it seems to have peaked, and the beauty of google and the internet as a whole, is helping people like never before.

Since those days, we also realised we had to move our services online. We now offer daily online guided meditation with the simplicity of zoom - and everyone has loved it so far. And I have to say, it’s been a life saver for many of us! With being stuck at home, meditation was and is the perfect release from all that stress and anxiety that surrounds the pandemic.

If you’re still suffering with stress, anxiety or depression - not just related to the pandemic - meditation is an excellent solution to improve your mental health. If you're interested in giving it a try, we now offer free online guided meditation with Oceania Meditation by clicking below.

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Steven Trpenov
Steven Trpenov

It's been a life saver!

Vanessa CPC
Vanessa CPC

Love these positive and helpful words

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