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Everything you're searching for is within you...

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is for the mind. Through meditation, we learn to let go of our stress, anxiety and our overall "false mind", in order to find our true mind, which exists within us. 

There are many different types of meditations, and they can't be bundled in to one, but most of the end goals are the same. Letting go of that picture world in your mind, you can find your true self and reach your full potential. If done sincerely, you'll notice the benefits in months!

Why should I  Meditate?

Do you want help with stress, anxiety and depression? Do you want to improve your sleep? What about better focus, clarity, success and happiness? 

If you're answering "yes, that's me!" to any one of those, then that's why you should meditate. Only you can make that happen. All of these issues come from the countless thoughts in our minds and self limiting beliefs. Learning to let go is what meditation is about - we have the way!

Meditation Class

How to Meditate - easy as 1, 2, 3

This meditation has been made so simple and easy, with its simple 7 step method that even children can do it. With an easy method, and a personal helper and support network, and highly flexible timetable that can easily be adapted to your life. Why not just come and visit and book yourself a Free Introduction below?



Easy 7 step method to follow
Step by step guidance
Clear goals and outcomes
Anyone can do it

Live guided meditation
Online guided meditation
Unlimited sessions 
Unlimited consultation





9:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday
9:00am - 6:30pm Saturday
9:00am - 4:00pm Sunday
Open 365 days a year

How to Meditate
Guided Meditation
The Method
Meditation Class

Perth Meditation Classes

Perth Meditation offers meditation for all ages and all types of meditation experience. If you're a beginner looking to meditate, this is the perfect place as we offer a systematic, fully guided, step by step meditation. Even kids are welcome to meditate with our kids meditation class on Tuesday evening designed to introduce it to them in a fun, and engaging way. We also offer meditation classes and workshops for schools, employees in work places and organizations. You can customise these programs to suite your specific needs.



  • Unlimited in person live guided meditation in a beautifully designed, light filled, and airy meditation centre.

  • Unlimited online live guided meditation - perfect for FIFO's and people who live anywhere throughout Western Australia.

  • An expert meditation guide with over 20 years of experience.

  • 1 on 1 consultations to track your progress and a community of support to help you with your journey.

  • A structure to help you stay focused on the path.

  • Designed as a course - once you're complete you don't need to meditate any more.


  • We offer a wide variety of programs for schools, teachers, students, work places and organisations, with options that range from hour individual classes to 12 month courses.

  • We can help design a program suited to your needs - with topics ranging from an introduction to the mind, what is stress and it's causes, how we can overcome stress through meditation, exercises, stretching and activities - and many other parts that can be added or subtracted to your program. 

  • We can provide a catered experienced at our own meditation centre, or we can come to you. 

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Meditation Classes
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Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits to meditation that have been scientifically proven, but even if you ask anyone who meditates sincerely and whole heartedly, they'll tell you what's so great about it. Along with having a solution to anxiety, depression, there are many benefits to meditation which will improve every aspect of your life. Whatever it is you're looking for, you will find it all within you, and what could be more beautiful than that? 

Perth Meditation Benefits Mind Clutter D

As you discard all of the unwanted thoughts, all the mind clutter disappears, creating space for clarity and focus


Perth Meditation Benefits Improved Sleep.png

10,000s of thoughts no long race around the mind, so when it's time to sleep, you simply just sleep.


Mental clarity is carried through every day life, so you are able to succeed in whatever you set your mind to, without all the negative blockages and self doubt. 

Perth Meditation Benefits Improved Focus.png


By freeing yourself from all your limiting beliefs and your judgements of others, you have a much healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Perth Meditation Benefits Improved Relationships.png


Perth Meditation Benefits Illnesses Disappear.png

The mind and body are one, and so as the mind is cleared, the blood flows more naturally and illnesses disappear.



Perth Meditation Benefits Beautiful Bright Face.png

As stress, worries and all negativities disappear, your face becomes brighter and the most beautiful according to your style.

You become naturally comfortable and always happy as all the negativity disappears from your mind, you return to your original happy state.


Perth Meditation Benefits Always Comfortable and Happy.png

As you completely discard your false body and mind and return to your true body and mind, you are reborn as the Truth and achieve human completion. 

Perth Meditation Benefits Achieve Human Completion.png


Benefits of Meditation
Perth Meditation Individual Classes

"The meditation is so simple. It's almost unbelievably simple - easy to follow, easy to do. But it works, above all, it works!"

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